Infini Review

 Infini is a Sci-Fi thriller an elite 'search and rescue' team transport onto an off-world mining-facility to rescue Whit Carmichael, the lone survivor of a biological outbreak. You can easily tell after about ten minuets in that, this movie is heavily inspired by "Alien", which is fine when executed correctly, and in this case it is. It is impressive how atmospheric this movie is, which I really enjoyed I love that classic Sci-Fi feel similar to Alien which Infini nails.

 As far as story goes I have to say I had hoped Infini would of taken it's own path and in a sense it did but it's apparent that a few things in the story were a bit cliche, but Infini still had its own feel and twists. I'm going to let some things slide considering this is director "Shane Abbess" second film and it is a decently good one at that. Though as good as the story may be with its dark & bloody moments Infini suffers from a disappointing ending, and I was let down because with such a dark thriller I expected a dark ending and that's not what I got. I would rate this movie higher but the ending was enough for me to take a decent amount off, all I can say is that I'm disappointed this ended like a generic Tom Cruise film.

 Now when it comes to acting there is some really good performances and some alright performances, thank god there are no bad ones in this or it would be another Sci-Fi with a good plot and horrible actors to ruin it. I think the biggest performances come from Daniel MacPherson who plays Whit Carmichael, and Luke Ford who plays Chester Huntington one of the members of the elite search & rescue op. Neither of these actors are known for any films yet neither of them have really been anything yet they do some impressive acting here and help make some moments of Infini, hopefully we see some more out of them in more films.

Overall this is a good dark thriller sci-fi with good atmosphere similar to "Alien" and a disappointing ending, I still think its a good film and I would  recommend the watch.

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