Maggie Review

  Maggie is something that could of been quite amazing, but ends up falling short. The film is about Wade's daughter Maggie, who has been bitten and is slowing turning, and her dad (Wade) is with her all the way during this transformation journey. Lets start by saying Abigail Breslin's (Maggie) acting is poor, very poor the small talk and what's supposed to be loving joking around is so bad it makes me want to slam my head against a wall. I will give her credit that some of her sad emotional scenes are done well, but that's it the rest of her acting is weak and makes me not care that much about her character. Now let's move on to good o'l Arnold Schwarzenegger who plays Wade (The Father), usually Schwarzenegger's acting is pretty lame but he isn't to bad in this, he plays his role just fine and I didn't have many complaints he definitely had his moments and I was satisfied. A few of his lines in the beginning made me cringe but he comes through in the end with a pretty good performance.  Just one more person I want to mention, and that's Wade's wife Caroline who is played by Joely Richardson, she is Wade's wife but not Maggie's mother. Basically her acting is complete utter garbage, every line is really poorly delivered or just boring and emotionless. To boot her character is a pessimist and a annoying one at that, it is just the wrong character for this particular story and her poor acting and irritating character make me care even less, so honestly they should of just left her out and just had Maggie & Wade.

 Story wise I was entertained it is definitely not poorly written, and I give director Henry Hobson credit for some very impressively filmed scenes, great camera work and effects. There are a few small jump scares in this that were very well done and that I was happy to see, I also enjoyed and welcomed this different perspective for a zombie film, watching someone turn should be an awful tormenting thing that this movie portrays well. Speaking of sad and awful, the movie tries to have some scenes showing other people (Neighbors) sad and emotional moments but they end up being weak and not very moving, there is one good emtional scene with a neighbor involving her husband & daughter which I found pretty moving, but that's about it. Now take note not to expect many action scenes, there are a few and they are good, but that's not what this movie is about and I'm glad it didn't turn into a generic Arnold Schwarzenegger action film. One last note is that the ending is a bit generic and also pretty weak, I expected a little more I mean we know there isn't a lot of options but something better could of been done.

Overall Maggie is a decent watch with some shortcomings that keep it from being a great zombie drama.



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